SWGC is an after school club that operates in Little Venice on a Wednesday and Cranleigh on a Thursday. We are a recreational club offering gymnastics and trampolining to children aged between 4 years plus who would like to train between 45 minutes and 2 hours a week.

We are a friendly, family club that is mindful of the fact that children attend with friends and siblings and parents share lifts.


SWGC Gymnastics (South Western Gymnastics Club) was founded in South West London in 1982 and was taken over by the Gale family in 1994. Club Cranleigh opened in 1998, followed by Club Little Venice in 2010. Luke Gale has been running the classes since 2004 alongside Acorn Gymnastics Club. In 2014 Luke also set up the Gymnastics Mentor education program.


SWGC is a general recreational gymnastics and trampolining club that exists to promote the sport of gymnastics in its local community. The club is open to children of all ages, gender, ethnic background and physical ability.

The club also encourages gymnasts to undertake additional training to partake in regional competitions. Outstanding and potential elite gymnasts will be referred to clubs with elite squads when outstanding potential talent is identified.